July 1, 2012

Start with friendship and a little blue bird

I  spent a long time to learn blogging and other Internet technologies. Now it’s time to build my own blog. I feel like making a journey to new territory, exciting, tons of new things which challenged me and of course with wondering what will be happened on this journey.  

Anyway, I enjoy it.

 I finished this piece during my previous embroidery course (June, Sat 2, 9), using it first to explain basic embroidery design. 
On occasion of my first blogging, I think it’s a good time to make friends with everyone. I love to use the piece again. 
The little blue bird on pink blooming tree as the messenger carries my good wish to all of you and to say

“Welcome to my block. 

Hope you like it and come along with me”.



Pusadee Dang said...

Dear Kroo Oob,

Very beautiful and inspiring art works.

P Dang

Gorapin said...

I'm glad that you like my blog. thank you, kha P Dang -- sorry for my late reply :))