August 10, 2012

The 15 Trees with Tina Turner

I designed “15 Trees” with simple composition to give confidence to members of my embroidery course, especially the beginning ones. This piece is a good sample to show that they can create beautiful embroidery pieces by their own ability in every steps of the work.

The blank pattern clearly shows simple design shapes, circles, ovals and straight lines, and the pattern background. I gave easy coloring of contrasting combination of two colors, green and pink. It has several shades of green color on most of the area. I used a group of pink flowers to make eye focus point

 This piece was one of my teaching materials, consisting of twelve stitches I put on it, stem, running, back, circle button hole, Chain, cross, satin, long and short, lazy-daisy, French knot, straight bullion knot, and circle bullion knot. You may think there are too many stitches, but all of them are easy and popular ones.

 I worked on “15 Trees” at night. Usually, I love to do my embroidery projects silently. But this time I wanted some vivid things during work. Tina Turner’s songs from Youtube filled me with joy. I’m a big fan of hers for almost thirty years. In my teenage, I was just “a Rock lover kid” in high school  who crazy about her hit songs and extraordinary character. But now in my mature years, I like her even more with respect and sensible ways.

Stitch by stitch with her song in my ears, surprised for her dynamic performance.
“What a great woman! She never disappointed her fans even at the age of 70.
This is the colored woman of Tennessee from a family of cotton factory workers. She was abused by her cocaine-addicted husband for years. When divorced, she gave all the money to him to cut off all problems and started her new life again. She had to take care of the children of her own and of ex-husband with another woman. This tough woman gained victory in her life as “the Queen of Rock” and as a mother as well.

My heart and the powerful energy from her performance merged into one.
Some thoughts flashed in my mind to compare the differences of two things.
This, the work of no sound. That, the work of sounds.
This, the work without teams. That, the work with teams.
This, the work of which no one knows the maker, but that work, everyone loves to know the singer.
The work of material things will last long for years. The work of non-material things, making songs, sounds, lights and dancing postures, without media recording, all will be gone.

The way of embroiderers, slow, silent, light, alone and calm.
The way of entertainers, quick, loud, rouse, load, in front of crowd.
But nothing is a problem for me.  I opened my mind accepting all the differences.  Silence accepted Sound. Slow accepted Quick. Calm was happy with Crowd. I worked with Tina Turner for almost four hours and forgot my usual sleeping time.  The “15 Trees” was finished next day when I spent a little more time on it.

NB:. A thought of fun for the reader comes to my mind during my blogging.
You can put in some words to show the differences between the two women like this:
“About  styles of the embroiderer and the entertainer”
GP - common, but TT - cool.”   :))


Cathie said...

YOU... Are quit an artist - with stitches, and words. Beautiful.

Cathie said...


Anonymous said...

¡hermoso! El bordado, los sonidos, las ideas.
un abrazo desde Argentina
kisses fron Argentina

Diana Trout {} said...

This is so beautiful. I saw it on Pinterest and come to look at it for inspiration.

Saraí Ingram said...

Can you help me with the steps for the circle bullion knotstitch. I dont know that one. Your stitches are a delight.

Angelica Mountains said...

I love trees, and they are beautiful .

Zdolność-tworzenia said...

Super pomysł.

Cássia Carvalho said...
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Cássia Carvalho said...

Eu amei seu bordado e suas palavras. Também gosto e admiro muito a cantora e mulher Tina Turner, sempre guerreira. A delicadeza de seu bordado se refletiu no que escreveu. Abraços carinhosos do Brasil.

Daisy Debs said...

Where have you gone ? I enjoyed your lovely embroidery pieces ! I want to see more ! :) :) x

Lucy França Martins said...

I loved your embroidery!They`re beautiful! Congratulations!I`m retaking that ability. The beauty of your work inspired me. Congratulations once more. Thank`s a lot.

sarala said...

Just beautiful.